Time Strata, 2016

Time Strata was a site specific installation commissioned by the Port of San Diego. This interactive sound art concert was presented over two Saturday afternoons in October of 2016, on the edge of the Cesar Chavez Park pier in Barrio Logan, San Diego, California. These events featured live streaming audio from sound sculptures, architectural structures, electrical interferences, and the natural environment (both above and below water). A total of eight sound sources were channeled live to interactive listening portals where audiences could isolate and layer sounds on discrete digital mixers.

This work conceptually responded to the tensions and harmonies that exist between nature and human technological evolution as tracked in the history of industrialism and the emerging digital age. This experiential art performance was inspired by the Smithsonian Folkways Recording label and their mission to support an increased understanding among people and their environments through the dissemination of sound. Online catalog here.


Video Documentation:


Tide Rattler

A partially submerged percussive raft made of vintage buoys, bamboo, and metal tubes.


Bell Chime

An interactive and kinetic circle of bells.


Wind Harp

A 12-foot pillar of wood, stainless steel, concrete and piano strings.


Wind Mallets

Striking the metal pier railing.


Ocean Tide Ambiance

Live feed of water and waves.


Open Air Pier Ambiance

Live feed of sounds in the air.


Snapping Shrimp

The sounds of snapping shrimp which live under the pier.


Electrical Ambiance

Sourced from the frequencies emitted by digital technology.




Audio Engineering and Technology by Robert Mason

Instrument Fabrication by Reuben Foat

Structural Engineer Consulting by Kleinfelder

Funded by The Port of San Diego

Special thanks to volunteers: Andrea Olvera, Jonah Paraiso and Charles L. Wilson