I create multi-sensory experiences layered in sound, mixed media visuals, and gestures. The gestures I create are articulated by audiences engaging with my artworks through sight, sound, and kinetic interactivity. The digital and material sources that I layer together have their own unique narratives but they impart new meanings when combined and activated by audiences. Each work I create is a puzzle inviting participants to examine their relationship with the proposed experience and the underlying meanings conveyed by the media. I am not pinned down to one message of thought, my work is bound by challenging how we trust our thoughts. I am fascinated by the difficulties of communication and shared meanings. I love to explore concepts through object narratives, archival histories, and site-specificity. I dive into many subjects of human distress often through the viewpoints of technology and anxiety. My sculptures and installations evolve with each new venue and audience. For me, this work is theatrical.

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