[Sky][Muse], 2020

Welcome Traveler.

You are on a journey. Many valuable moments on the journey are found while we are in transit. While we wait, we become open to reflection, deep thinking, dreaming, and discovering ourselves. [Sky][Muse] is here to engage your imagination.

Presented by the San Diego International Airport’s Performing Arts Residency Program, [Sky][Muse] experiences will be released monthly on this webpage. Themes of transformation, destination, and process are presented through the juxtaposition of being exactly somewhere and yet nowhere. Not limited to the experience of air travel, these works are available for anyone in waiting or on a journey. Two styles of sensory experiences are here for you to access on your digital device:


In the [interactive visual music experiences], you are invited to choreograph animations with the touch of a finger (or mouse) while listening to a sonic composition. How does the music direct your movement? How does your movement direct your experience?


The [silent graphical scores] invite you to compose sonic ideas in your mind in response to experimental, pictorial notations. While interacting with these graphical scores, let your mind compose sounds of the shapes and colors you see. What do you hear when you look at the imagery? What are the available sounds in your mind?

August 2020 | Compass

The compass guides us.
Where are you headed? In what directions are you going?

experience 1: interactive visual music

experience 2: silent graphical score

Loading times vary. Playable on most digital devices 2015 or higher. If you would like to influence the next [Sky][Muse] release then click here.