[Sky][Muse] Participation

The experiences of flight shifts our sense of time and space. Our time in the air provides precious opportunities for reflection in ways not available in the daily hustle of life. In response to new perspectives, thematic [Sky][Muse] experiences will be released monthly to assist travelers in investigating, exploring, and curating the unique perspectives that travel brings. Sponsored by the San Diego International Airport SAN Arts Residency Program, previous releases can be viewed here. This page is a call for your participation. The themes of [Sky][Muse] are posted below, followed by a submission form for you to share your responses. What is your relationship to the metaphors of flight?

The compass guides us.
Where are you headed? In what directions are you going?

Our geographies expand.
What are the points on your map? Where do you wish to go?

Our experiences unfold in a series of gradual shifts.
How are you transforming? What phase is next?

Circa Diem
Our cycles move around in a day.
What’s your rhythm right now? How does travel influence your life’s rhythms?

We are displaced, distanced, and accelerated in time.
At what velocity is your life moving? What impacts your accelerations?

You are there, right now, in the moment. Tell us your experiences from one (or all) of these monthly themes. Your ideas and reflections will inspire the next [Sky][Muse] releases.

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Sponsored by the San Diego International Airport SAN Arts Residency Program.