Locked Groove, 2022

Locked Groove is a looped audiovisual experience that morphs around the entire curb of Point Loma’s Plumosa Park. Locked Groove presents a rhythmic, visual music mural based on the patterns of life. Colors, shapes, and other design elements are inspired by domestic, social, industrial, and natural rhythms. In addition to the visual experience, audiences can further enhance their engagement by listening to the sound art mixing app below. The term “locked grooverefers to the infinite drum loops found on specialty vinyl records. Riffing off this idea, this art experience has no beginning or end and can be experienced as the audience sees fit.

Listen to the Locked Groove audio mixer below:

1) Make sure your phone volume is up and the silencer is off – then hit the play button.

2) Move the audio faders up and down to listen.

3) Walk around the park with the visual mural.

Credits and Appreciations:
Special thanks to volunteers: Melissa Harrell, Sydney Suter, and Victoria Devenport. Appreciations also to Cynthia Comacho and Angelina Black from San Diego Parks and Rec. Many thanks also to the supportive team at Commission for Arts and Culture. Locked Groove is part of the City of San Diego’s Park Social initiative. Park Social is a citywide project introducing social-specific public art into San Diego’s vast and varied park system. Photography by Stacey Keck.

KPBS article on Locked Groove

Project documentary video produced by the City of San Diego