Locked Groove, 2022

Listen to the sound art app below.

Locked Groove is a looped audiovisual experience that traces and morphs along the entire curb edge of Point Loma’s Plumosa Park and is funded by the City of San Diego. Locked Groove presents a rhythmic, visual music mural based on the conceptual rhythms of life. Colors, shapes, and other design elements are inspired by domestic, social, industrial, and natural rhythms. Audiences can engage with the visual experience of this work at various positions around the park’s perimeter and further enhance their experience sonically by opening the sound art mixing app below. By playing the sound art app, audiences will be able to hear and mix an array of soundtracks composed of field recordings and synthesized samples.  “Locked Grooverefers to the infinite drum loops found on specialty vinyl records. Riffing off this idea, this art experience has no beginning or end and can be experienced as the audience sees fit.

The listening app below needs up to two minutes of loading time. Once loaded, hit the play button and explore the soundtracks.