Elsewhere, 2022

Elsewhere is an internet artwork and curated portal of 50+ LIVE camera feeds showing natural landscapes and wildlife worldwide. Each feed is loaded randomly and the living scenery you will see varies with the time of day and season.

Elsewhere is viewable across digital devices, and a strong internet connection is beneficial – larger screens reveal much more. If you are on your phone, it is best to turn it horizontally once a live feed loads. Once inside, hit the refresh button to change locations or if the feed gets stuck. It looks best on the Safari browser.

Reactions to this project have varied wildly.  You are invited to bookmark Elsewhere and travel often.


*These live cameras are maintained by independents and organizations worldwide. Technical and/or environmental challenges can impact the live feed streaming. Elsewhere is updated weekly to address these mishaps. See the many lifeforms I have seen on Elsewhere here.

Gallery installation view at San Diego Central Library.